Underwater work

TechSub offers a range of underwater services for all sectors including maritime, waterways, manufacturing, nuclear power and storage. As certified experts in dealing with toxic environments and eco-friendly works, we specialize in repairs and maintenance of purification plants by using techniques which avoid downtime and optimize productivity.

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Work using ropes and in confined areas

Our teams of trained technicians are able to work at great heights and in confined spaces by using rope access techniques to get to the work site when conventional means are not applicable. As specialists in risk analysis, with high levels of qualification, they are trained to intervene in the chemical and nuclear industries, in hazardous zones and hostile atmospheres.

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Sustainable development

We are proud of the fact that we are an eco-friendly and focused company and are part of the Environmental Network (Réseau Environnement). We work to prevent accidental pollution by repairing purification basins without emptying them into the natural environment. We endeavour to obtain the best standards of waste management by extracting and reusing polluted mud and silt. We are part of the fight against eutrophisation of aquatic environments using renewable energies with the AQUAGO range.

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Aquago Waterproofing

Tech Sub launches Aquago Waterproofing Solutions

 In order to create, repair, clean and cover watertight basins and storage facilities with geosynthetic materials, our specialists have perfected the last techniques working with PVC, PEHD and bentonite membranes. As for February 2010 wa can put these techniques to work for you !


Nos prochains salons : venez nous y rencontrer

- 3 au 6 novembre 2015 : AQUATECH Amsterdam- Hollande

- 27 et 28 janvier 2016 : CARREFOUR DE L'EAU, Rennes- France

- 10-12 mai 2016 : Oz water, Melbourne, Australie

- 28-30 juin 2016 : WNE, Paris-Le Bourget, France

- 28 nov- 2 dec 2016 : POLLUTEC, Lyon, France

TechSub – Quality and Safety above all
Tech Sub was created in 1995 in Arras, France, to carry out underwater work in the field of environmental protection. As specialists in difficult access work, we provide highly technical solutions for today's industrialists, local authorities and study groups.
Our technicians work in all underwater environments whether natural, artificial or polluted. Furthermore they are able to work in confined spaces (shafts, pipelines, pits, tanks) and always apply their full thorough understanding of health and safety issues related to environmental protection.